Dupré Logistics delivers safe, diversified solutions for clients committed to increasing their competitive advantage. By Stephanie Crets

As a specialized carrier, Dupré Logistics enables manufacturers and distributors to eliminate the invisible costs that occur in their distribution and supply chain. The company manages anything that requires a high level of service for transportation and logistics, such as hazmat freight or time-sensitive products. The company employs approximately 900 drivers for 600 trucks running optimal utilization of its equipment and personnel. The Dupré Strategic Capacity Services group has also established a network of more than 4,500 preferred carriers through a stringent carrier-approval process to provide capacity for its customers and all of their supply chain needs.


CoreTrust helps private equity firms and corporations find savings and improve profitability through its GPO model. By Eric Slack

Over the last decade, CoreTrust has become a leading group purchasing organization (GPO) for large corporations and private equity firms with multiple-enterprise portfolios. An established aggregator, CoreTrust works to enhance profitability for clients by negotiating best in class pricing for non-production supplies and services.
    “We launched CoreTrust in 2006 with three members at a time when the private equity market was very active,” Vice President of Sales Scott Miller says. “We started with a focus on private equity firms and later expanded to large corporations.”


Toshiba America Business Solutions tackles the challenge of integrating supply chain systems with an acquired sibling. By Jim Harris

The products and services provided by Toshiba America Business Solutions (TABS) Inc. have helped thousands of corporations around the world better manage their communications since the company’s establishment in 1999.
    The Irvine, Calif.-based company is now looking to improve its own internal communications, particularly as related to its supply chain organization. The TABS supply chain is responsible for importing, distributing and servicing the printing systems, copiers, digital signage and thermal barcoding products manufactured by the company’s parent organization, Toshiba Tec Corporation.


Small World Recruiting provides the expertise to match companies with the best logistics and supply chain employees. By Russ Gager

Most companies’ human resource departments are charged with finding candidates for a wide variety of jobs. More often than not, that department’s personnel and even those at many general recruiting firms are not as familiar with the transportation, logistics and supply chain functions of companies as a specialist such as Small World Recruiting will be.


Neovia strives to enhance its clients’ worldwide operations by using the best processes and technology to increase efficiencies.

Supply Chain World: Why Logistics?
Rachael MacDonald, Neovia Logistics Services director of global logistics development: I was inspired by a mentor who worked for a large automotive OEM, and in learning from my friend it became clear that logistics is a challenging industry, poised for growth and with a lot of opportunity. Supply chain has a significant global impact, and I wanted to be a part of that. At Neovia, we have a strong global presence, being in 132 locations in 24 countries around the world, and I enjoy solving challenges on a global scale – and creating a global solution for customers.


American Hotel Register Company builds a strong foundation while developing tools that will carry it into the future. By Janice Hoppe

American Hotel Register Company looks to achieve greater upstream visibility into its supply chain to better understand the demands of its customers. “It is customer-focused here,” says Mike Bartoszek, senior vice president, global supply chain. “From the top down, we are extremely focused on understanding customer behavior and giving our customers what they want when they need it to ensure successful outcomes.”


D+M Group restructured its supply chain and created a cross-functional approach in the company. By Tim O’Connor

Christopher Nault’s background was not in consumer electronics and he was not an audiophile when he joined D+M Group. But a center channel demonstration from one of D+M’s sound engineers made him a believer.
    “Performance is everything and the investment in the sound’s quality and the user experience is at the front of everything we do,” says Nault, the company’s vice president of supply chain.


FMH Conveyors is centralizing its three U.S. manufacturing operations into one new location to gain synergies. By Russ Gager

To a large extent, brick-and-mortar retailing is largely about distribution – getting the right products to the end consumers. Helping with this point of the distribution process – getting products into trucks for delivery – is FMH Conveyors. “Our history and our core business is truck loading and unloading,” President Kurt Huelsman declares. “The vast majority of our product is built simply around the connection between a building and a trailer and moving product in either direction – unloading or loading.”

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