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Tellabs' recent restructuring spurred the company to reexamine its entire supply chain philosophy.

By Jim Harris

Tellabs in the past few years has seen significant changes to its operations. Established in 1975, the company grew over the course of the next three decades to become a global leader in telecommunications. In 2013, a private equity firm acquired Tellabs, which at the time was a publicly traded company.

The following year, Tellabs╒ enterprise and telecommunications portfolios ╨ two of the company╒s key portfolios ╨╩were spun off into a new company under the legacy name. 

This change brought with it opportunities as well as significant challenges for its supply chain operations. "We are operating like a startup, but we╒re a company that was encumbered by in disparate legacy systems," says Dave Cunningham, director of global marketing for the Dallas.-headquartered company.

swissportBuilding its procurement business from nothing gives Swissport an opportunity to implement new practices and tools. By Tim O’Connor

Making a fundamental change at a large corporation is often a lumbering process. A vision is the starting point, detailed strategies must be developed, pitches made and approvals granted by multiple layers of oversight. Change is a fragile endeavor and leadership can mothball the whole process at a moment’s notice.
    But for Swissport, a leading provider of ground and cargo services for the aviation industry, it was because of its leadership that change could happen. When Marianna Zangrillo joined the company’s procurement team in 2015, procurement had no place at the decision making table.  

mattsMatthews Automation maintains an edge on its competition in the marketplace and looks for ways to grow. By Alan Dorich

When a company’s clients include e-tailers, it has to ensure it is staying on top of technological advances. Matthews Automation Solutions has been successful in that goal, President Paul Jensen says.
    “We continually try to innovate,” he declares. “We try to offer solutions which are a step ahead what others might be offering in the marketplace.”

CapgeminiCapgemini helps its clients harness the latest innovations to create modern, consumer-driven supply chains.  By Alan Dorich

Thanks to advancements in technology the supply chain is not what it used to be. We recently connected with Vice President of Supply Chain Technology Cyndi Lago and Vice President and Supply Chain Solutions Leader Tom Cassell of Capgemini to gain insights on how companies can stay competitive by leveraging digital strategies. Capgemini helps companies gain a core set of digital capabilities and enabling processes needed for a modern supply chain, including smarter demand sensing and inventory optimization.


ChemicoMays provides chemical management services to many of the country’s most prolific manufacturers.

When working with a supplier, OEMs want two primary things: a product that fits the requirements and a reliable partner. But chemicals aren’t like most vendor-sourced items. If a ball socket mount cracks it can easily be sent back to the supplier and replaced. Chemical supplies, on the other hand, can carry an environmental cost and require careful sourcing and disposal. Few OEMs are equipped to handle that challenge on their own. They need a firm that can manage the entire lifecycle of their chemical products.

Dupré Logistics delivers safe, diversified solutions for clients committed to increasing their competitive advantage. By Stephanie Crets

As a specialized carrier, Dupré Logistics enables manufacturers and distributors to eliminate the invisible costs that occur in their distribution and supply chain. The company manages anything that requires a high level of service for transportation and logistics, such as hazmat freight or time-sensitive products. The company employs approximately 900 drivers for 600 trucks running optimal utilization of its equipment and personnel. The Dupré Strategic Capacity Services group has also established a network of more than 4,500 preferred carriers through a stringent carrier-approval process to provide capacity for its customers and all of their supply chain needs.

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