Dukane Machine Shop

Dukane offers in-house tooling and machining for its plastic assembly equipment.

By Tim O’Connor

Dukane has touched many industries since it started 1922 as Operradio, a radio manufacturer. It was an early pioneer in commercial speakers and communications equipment before getting into the manufacturing of plastic assembly equipment in the early 1970s, which remains its primary business today.

Cutter Buck

Cutter & Buck expands its supply chain capabilities.

By Chris Kelsch

Throughout the Seattle, Wash., area are many companies on the cutting-edge of technology,  so-called “disruptors” that have drastically changed the ways in which business is done.

But there are also more traditional companies that offer valuable goods and services, and though perhaps not as famous, also use modern technology to perfect the services they offer. Cutter & Buck is one of those companies.

Carboline 219 adjusted lo

Carboline’s innovation efforts are paying off for the coatings company.

By Alan Dorich

Carboline Co. may not be as large as some of its competitors, but that provides it with an advantage, President and COO Chris Tiernay says. “We can do things much quicker and without the bureaucracy of larger companies, from a customer’s perspective,” he says.

Akebono web photo 1

After 88 years in the automotive industry, Akebono aims to continuously exceed customer expectations with innovative, quality products.

By Bianca Herron

Akebono Brake Corporation has been manufacturing brake friction materials for 88 years. Established in Japan in 1929, Akebono’s commitment to innovation, process improvement, quality control and customer service has positioned it as a key resource for leading OEMs and Tier I brake suppliers.

Some of the company’s key automotive OEM customers include Audi, Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Nissan and Toyota. Additionally, the Akebono Production System (APS) features proven quality control techniques to guarantee minimal process variation in all phase of production, which allows the company to consistently achieve a nearly zero defect rate per million parts produced.

According to Grant Church, vice president of supply chain North America, Akebono’s focus on brake technology and quality products have resulted in its success.

Agilent Technologies web photo 1

Agilent Technologies restructured its supply chain into a global organization delivering on a collective strategic vision.

By Tim O’Connor

When developing its three-year strategy in 2014, Agilent’s OFS organization (order fulfillment and supply chain) wanted everyone to understand its strategic goals and what initiatives needed to be executed to reach them, as well as secure full alignment to Agilent’s corporate strategy and secure transparency for stakeholders outside the OFS organization.

At the end of each year, successes are measured against those goals and decisions are taken about where further improvements can be made. “Everybody in the OFS organization can see how they individually and as a team contribute to the success of OFS and the overall Agilent business,” President of Order Fulfillment and Supply Chain Henrik Ancher-Jensen says.

Seagate Technology web photo 1

Seagate Technology’s supply chain supports the company’s new focus on the enterprise market.

By Tim O’Connor

Think about how people use digital photos. In the past, someone would take a picture then store it on a hard drive where it might quickly be forgotten. Today, that same person snaps the photo using their cell phone and moments later effortlessly shares it with hundreds of friends and family members across social media.

The dissemination is instant, but it also requires a different approach to data storage. The size of flash memory space available on devices such as phones has not grown fast enough to accommodate the explosive number of food photos, selfies and cat memes shared around the internet. The problem of storage space will only grow as people and businesses find ways to interact with their data. One solution is to move information from personal devices into cloud storage.


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