Nebraska Book Company picNebraska Book Company uses its more than 100 years of experience to evolve in the competitive higher education used textbook market.
By Staci Davidson, Managing Editor at Knighthouse Media

The book industry is not new, and when it comes to Nebraska Book Company (NBC) – a leader in sourcing and distributing used books – it rarely deals with new materials. But with a history that dates back to 1915, NBC knows how to evolve and keep things fresh. This is how NBC maintains its market leadership position and continues to be a high-quality supplier and customer.

“For most companies, customer experience is important,” notes Peter Grenier, senior vice president of operations and strategy. “With us, our customers are also our suppliers – so customer experience has to be top of mind in every transaction.”

Ainsworth Pet Nutrition

Credit Chris Vallieres

Ainsworth Pet Nutrition’s logistics operations stay on top of industry trends and challenges.
By Jim Harris, Senior Editor at Knighthouse Media

During his tenure as vice president of logistics for Ainsworth Pet Nutrition, Ryan Hunter has stressed to his team the importance of being proactive. “We are a high-growth company in an industry that is changing rapidly, and that is very exciting,” he says. “We are trying to shift from reacting to growth to driving change within our logistics operations.”

The pet food manufacturer identified three strategic logistics initiatives that will allow it to drive change within the organization. The first of these is to expand and optimize its footprint by ensuring it has the right number of distribution centers in the right locations.

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