Founded in 1993, Triumph Group has grown by following a strategy based on aggressive acquisition and internal growth. This has allowed the company to take on a leadership role in aerospace design, engineering, manufacturing and maintenance.

Although Toyota Logistic Services (TLS) isn’t the division responsible for making Toyota vehicles, it still plays a vital role in their end quality. 

As the division handling all finished vehicle shipments to dealerships – whether manufactured in the United States or imported – as well as all U.S. exports, TLS employees are often the last set of eyes representing Toyota to see the car before sending it off to its final destination and user. 

If you want to know what time it is, ask an atom. Atomic clocks base time on the movement of atoms in various gases and are the most accurate in the world. Supplying the raw materials and components for atomic clocks and GPS devices and delivering them to their destinations is the responsibility of Gerry Leo, Symmetricom vice president of operations and supply chain.

As a veteran of the foodservice industry, Clynn Whitworth has seen a lot of things change. The past 15 years of Whitworth’s 33-year career have been spent as director of supply chain at Rubio’s Restaurants. New and improved technology has transformed the supply chains of restaurants in this country and Rubio’s is no exception. The company started in 1983 as a walk-up stand in the Mission Bay area of San Diego selling fish tacos, now a beloved Southern California staple. The fast-casual restaurant has come a long way since then and though it still carries its Original Fish Taco recipe, it has greatly expanded its menu. 

EarthLink is changing the way business owners of mid-size companies handle their technology by offering the latest package in cloud computing and information technology (IT) services. Business owners benefit by switching to cloud computing or hosted infrastructure because EarthLink can minimize their risk, manage change and reduce the overall cost of ownership of IT infrastructure, data networks and voice communications for the company.

Although The Dow Chemical Company was once widely known for producing sought-after commodity chemicals and plastics, in recent years the company has transformed itself into a solution-driven science and technology company with a rich innovation pipeline. Dow’s global supply chain is essential in supporting the company’s innovation and commercialization objectives, as well as its growth and profitability around the world. 

The diversification of Dow’s product portfolio has increased the complexity of the company’s supply chain by orders of magnitude over the commodity days. “Today, supply chain is a much more integrated part of our business strategy and day-to-day operations,” says Jacqueline Faseler, director of Dow’s global supply chain technology and expertise center.

When a company specializes in a variety of frozen foods, the ingredients for its products must originate in a wide number of locations, some of them international. Nevertheless, Windsor Foods is able to source most of its ingredients within the United States, although some specialty items are obtained from the countries where the dishes originate.

HVCC is a provider of automotive thermal energy management solutions. The company’s products and services control cabin temperature in vehicles and provide powertrain cooling solutions using its state-of-the-art technologies. It has become the world’s leading company in its market because of its technological capabilities and its ability to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.

The company in its current form began to take shape earlier this year when Visteon Corporation and its Korean affiliate Halla Climate Control (HCC) entered into an agreement to consolidate most of Visteon's automotive climate business into HCC. The transaction was first outlined in September 2012, and it was completed in the first quarter of 2013.

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