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Harbor Wholesale Foods takes pride in caring for thousands of foodservice customers throughout the Northwest.

For more than 90 years, foodservice customers throughout the West Coast have counted on Harbor Wholesale Foods to provide them with the fresh products they need to serve their own customers, and the company says its long legacy in the industry has been built on the idea that it can’t be successful if its customers aren’t successful. “We take great pride in being a multi-generation, family owned business from right here in the Northwest,” the company says. “This is our home and we believe in the timeless tradition of being in partnership with our customers – treating them like they’re our neighbors. We celebrate this by providing an incredibly deep catalog of products, including favorite local brands that reflect the tastes and preferences of folks from around here.”


Understanding customers, a strong supply base and an exceptional team drive growth for CSC Sugar and Sugaright. By Eric Slack

For more than 15 years, CSC Sugar has been a leader and innovator in sugar trading, distribution and refining. CSC Sugar introduced Sugaright to the food industry in 2009, which was immediately accepted by several major food companies due to an innovative approach to sustainability, logistics and cost management. In 2016, the refining division had evolved enough to establish it’s own corporate identity as Sugaright LLC.

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MillerCoors engages its distributors on multiple levels to streamline its supply chain and benefit its customers.
By Tim O’Connor

Since combining two of the country’s premier beer brands in 2008, MillerCoors has strived to be a customer-centric company. “We’re all about having customers and consumers view us as their first choice,” Chief Integrated Supply Chain Officer Fernando Palacios says. At the same time, MillerCoors wants to be the first choice for its employees, too. Palacios is constantly thinking of ways to better retain, develop and promote the company’s internal talent pool of 7,500 workers. “Our people are the forefront of our company.”


Wilton Brands invested in its distribution operations, allowing it to scale up with acquisitions and seasonal demand. By Tim O’Connor

Wilton Brands is a metrics-driven company, especially when it comes to its distribution operations and supply chain. The craft goods distributor has extensive data on every product and container that comes through its four Chicago-area distribution centers and tracks the daily performance of everyone working on its conveyor lines. Wilton knows each employee’s picking rate and uses that information to best position them to keep boxes flowing and ensure shipments reach retailers on time.
    All that data enables Wilton to reward its employees with a pay-for-performance system, where the higher performers are paid a higher percentage. “Because we’re able to capture all these metrics for people on an individual basis we’re able to administer these types of programs,” says Tom Gibadlo, senior vice president of distribution operations.

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Efficient controls, communication and collaboration play a role in Levi’s Stadium’s operations and during Super Bowl 50.
By Eric Slack

For most people, the Super Bowl is simply an annual event, a reason to gather around the television and celebrate the crowning of a new NFL champion. They take for granted the massive amount of preparation that is required to pull off such a huge undertaking. For the San Francisco 49ers and Levi’s Stadium, however, making sure Super Bowl 50 went off without a hitch took years of work and collaboration.

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