As the global marketplace expands, the need for more efficient supply chain planning and management tools follows suit. Manufacturers have to be able to match demand to supply – no matter where that supply may be located or how widespread the organization may be. To accomplish that goal requires a commitment to the planning for, integration of and continual evaluation of the latest technology available. This is where the relatively new and untested concept of global cross-pegging comes in to play. It is the next step beyond some of the most current practices when it comes to planning, scheduling, material ordering and inventory control.

ENSURING PRODUCTYou can ensure product integrity through supply chain certification and contracts.

 By Suzie Trigg

The marketing team wants to say that your products are “Made in USA,” “ethically sourced” and “craftsman made.” Can you say these things? Sure! Can you say them without receiving a regulator’s inquiry or a potential lawsuit for false and deceptive advertising? That depends on how well you prepare to respond to questions about the products and their components and manufacturing.

DIGITAL TRANSFORMATIONThe Internet of Things will increase the volume and quality of digital data.

By Claudio Diotallevi

Shipping goods via multi-modal transport is an arduous, complicated process that requires steps and controls, handovers between multiple parties and plenty of document exchanges.


ProcureConThis summer, ProcureCon IT prepares to convene, uniting IT and Procurement leaders to shape the trajectory of their organizations’ digital transformations.

 By WBR Insights

Over the past several years, conversations between procurement and the business leaders that they work with have become increasingly driven by the technology environment of the organizations.

TRUCKER SHORTAGEAs the trucker shortage becomes more acute, companies look for new ways to keep trucks on the road.

 By Patrick Owens and Stephen Washkalavitch

Across the country, a significant trucker shortage is causing a ripple effect throughout the economy. It’s projected to only get worse. Currently, according to the American Trucking Associations, there are 51,000 open positions – up from 20,000 in 2013 – and that number is estimated to nearly double to 100,000 job vacancies over the next three years.


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