DIGITAL TRANSFORMATIONThe Internet of Things will increase the volume and quality of digital data.

By Claudio Diotallevi

Shipping goods via multi-modal transport is an arduous, complicated process that requires steps and controls, handovers between multiple parties and plenty of document exchanges.


ProcureConThis summer, ProcureCon IT prepares to convene, uniting IT and Procurement leaders to shape the trajectory of their organizations’ digital transformations.

 By WBR Insights

Over the past several years, conversations between procurement and the business leaders that they work with have become increasingly driven by the technology environment of the organizations.

TRUCKER SHORTAGEAs the trucker shortage becomes more acute, companies look for new ways to keep trucks on the road.

 By Patrick Owens and Stephen Washkalavitch

Across the country, a significant trucker shortage is causing a ripple effect throughout the economy. It’s projected to only get worse. Currently, according to the American Trucking Associations, there are 51,000 open positions – up from 20,000 in 2013 – and that number is estimated to nearly double to 100,000 job vacancies over the next three years.

RAHUL MITALSingle-screen technology can make a difference in supply chain management.

By Rahul Mital

Single-screen technology is still a relatively new concept, which is surprising to advocates and those who have seen its benefits in action. It is cost effective, has an impressive documented ROI and is an online digital tool that fosters better lines of communication between geographically disperse decision-making departments. It is ideally suited to environments where effective supply chain management is essential to delivering products and services profitably and on schedule for vendors and end-user customers.

TARRIFSThe new tariffs drive the need for collaboration between procurement and supply chain teams.

 By Matt Clark

The recently imposed tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars on Chinese goods entering the United States have already impacted supply chain teams and procurement departments. 

IVANTI 01Improve productivity by boosting support of web-based CRM apps.

By Rob DeStefano

Mobile devices in the warehouse have been in use for decades – as a matter of fact, supply chain and warehousing were among the most active early applications of mobile technology. Fast forward to 2018 and mobile has taken over not only the warehouse but the entire business world – from employees tapping away on smartphones and tablets to everyone wanting their device – whatever it is – to be connected as part of IoT.

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