TOP 4 MISTAKES 01Here are the top four mistakes companies can make when searching MRP/ERP software.

By Karl Lauri

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, sometimes called MRP when designed for and used in a manufacturing setting, can be complex and comes in a variety of sizes and flavors. Choosing the best solution is one that senior management wrestles with, especially within small and mid-sized companies, which are less likely to have the resources to tweak the software to their unique specifications.

 SUPPLY CHAIN 01Businesses may be agreeing to terms and conditions they cannot fulfill without even realizing it. 

By Patrick W. Kelly

Company A needs 500 crates. Company B sells crates. Company A sends a purchase order to Company B for 500 crates. Company B sends Company A an invoice for the cost of the 500 crates. Yet neither the purchase order nor the invoice addresses the timing of the payment, the shipping date or the quality of the crates.

 SAM MOSES 01Converging trends in the U.S. auto industry create an opportunity for innovative logistics services.

By Sam Moses

In the automotive industry, several evolving trends are coalescing to create more opportunities in the United States for innovative transportation and logistics companies. It all starts with the biggest fish in the automotive pond: global original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) now have a massive American footprint.

 NEXT GENERATION 01Several factors will drive the next generation warehouse, including a drive for more visibility.

By Matt Davidson

Supply chain operations are largely based around when events are expected to happen in a controlled environment, with little or no ability to react in real-time to the millions of micro disruptions that may occur. These daily disturbances, even as simple as delayed arrival of a shipment due to traffic, create billions of dollars of lost productivity every year in the supply chain.

 PROCURECON 01The retail industry is fighting back against returns fraud. Here are some ways to combat against it.

 By WBR Insights

Facilitating consumer returns is a necessary evil in the retail industry. However, this logistical necessity is made even more complicated when a portion of those returns are fraudulent.

 GLOBAL PHARMACEUTICAL 01Here is what is next when it comes to securing global pharmaceutical shipments. 

By Jeff Newman

The demand for pharmaceuticals is booming in the United States, driven by a rapidly aging population and new enrollees under the Affordable Care Act. As the need for personalized medicine intensifies, manufacturers must rethink their approach to supply chain management.

 CHUBB SAFETY 01Here’s what companies need to know to mitigate commercial transportation risks.

 By David Brown

Crashes and fatalities on the road have been increasing with alarming frequency. In just under a decade, the number of fatal crashes involving large trucks or buses increased by 40 percent. To make matters worse, the degree of accident severity has risen at the same time. From 2016 to 2017, the number of large trucks involved in crashes resulting in injuries rose five percent, while the number resulting in fatalities increased 10 percent.

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