“The circus is coming to town” is an iconic phase that has excited children and adults alike for decades. Yet a significant amount of planning and procurement is required to ensure that The Greatest Show On Earth® comes off without a hitch each week in numerous locations throughout the United States.

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® Circus is a production of Feld Entertainment, the world’s largest producer of live touring family entertainment. Circus fans enjoy a show that features animal performances, clown escapades and high-wire acts combined with other thrills and surprises.

Few industries are as demanding from a supply chain perspective as the fashion industry, where what’s in demand one month can be on the clearance rack the next. With nearly 380 stores in nine countries, Groupe Dynamite has become one of the best-known retailers of women’s and young ladies’ fashion through its Dynamite and Garage brands, and Director of Business Process and Sourcing Strategy Katia Berlin says that’s due in large part to the company’s drive to be looking forward all the time, its creativity and its teamwork. 

“I think it’s the fact that we’re not scared to change. We are constantly evolving and trying new things,” she says. “Following the status quo is not a motto here at any time.”

As Anne Kimball’s career in supply chain management has demonstrated, women are becoming increasingly influential in the field. “The number of women who I see at various conferences has increased quite a bit over the last five to eight years,” she reports. “Prior to that, it was pretty limited. You’d see maybe one or two women, whereas now with a conference of 150, you see at least 40 or 50 women. So that’s been a significant increase.”

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