Dan BartonFast food has become the new battlefield for sales, the new frontier for customer-alluring innovations in edibles, and supply chain professionals have taken competition to new heights. Some QSR trends, in particular, are responsible for notching the proverbial bar ever-skyward, with smaller, upstart chains threatening to outpace larger, established competitors on niche offerings and supply chain agility alone. Ignoring these trends is no longer a viable operational option. No matter what your menu hinges on, there is always room to smoothly work in new creations, or tweak your supply chain for efficiency. As you fight to keep your brand on top in the QSR wars, there are three prominent trends that you need to be aware of.

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Understanding supply chain risks in produce deliveries to restaurants and to the end consumer.

Restaurant owners need to check their suppliers’ food origins, credentials, transportation and procedures carefully before ordering produce from them. Supply chain visibility in produce is not as strong as other industry products and a lot of restaurants buy produce from multiple suppliers. Therefore they cannot know all the details of the origin of the produce they use.

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The “Little Guys” Play a Major Role in Preventing Breaches

The network security of a small, third-party provider of heating, ventilation and air conditioning services was compromised when an employee fell for a phishing scheme. Why should we care? That breach resulted in 110 million payment card and customer records stolen and millions of dollars in damages for this provider’s customer: The Target Corporation.


High Impact Blog TopPackaging specifications influence the value chain

The packaging specification market is expected to grow to around $1 trillion by 2020, according to the research firm, Smithers Pira, making up around 200+ million packaging SKUs around the world. With 60 million in the United States alone – this number is growing daily, as is the complicated process of sharing specs and managing them, both internally and externally. This growing complexity impacts the entire value chain.

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What You Need to Know When Supplying Goods to Struggling Retailers on Consignment

The retail industry is having a difficult year.  Thus far, 2016 has been marked by the fall (or at least stumble) of a number of well-known retail behemoths.  Sports Chalet, Sports Authority, Wet Seal, Pacific Sunwear, and Aeropostle have all filed for bankruptcy protection.  According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, "Sears and other retailers including Macy's, Inc., and J.C. Penney Co. have closed hundreds of stores in recent years …."  As anchor tenants close stores, a ripple effect may ensue.  We may be witnessing a change in the retail industry as we know it.
As retail companies become financially distressed, those doing business with them should take steps to protect themselves in case a bankruptcy is in the cards.  For example, Sports Authority's bankruptcy case revealed that its inventory was provided on consignment.


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