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While the supply chain industry that seems to have been around since The Industrial Revolution, new technologies and tactics are helping to keep it fresh and innovative. Whether it be same-day shipping done through the use of drop-shipping, or brand-new technology strategies like drone delivery, new technologies are only successful when they are properly incorporated into existing strategies and properly managed. Celeste Catano, Senior Global Strategist, Kewill, shares tips and best practices on making sure these technologies are maximized in the supply chain, without putting an unnecessary stress on supply chain managers.

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The digital economy is presenting businesses with myriad opportunities. But to capitalize on these prospects, companies must be willing to adapt, particularly in regard to how they manage their existing supply chain operations.

While people are finally beginning to recognize the potential benefits that come with the digital economy, too few companies are digitizing their operations in an effort to thrive in this dynamic environment. In fact, according to SAP research, 71% of organizations consider their digital maturity levels to be in the “early” or “developing” stages.


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Supply chains are highly dependent upon efficiency, and leading technologies have the power to improve and streamline operations. It’s a simple scenario -- the faster and more efficiently supply chains run, the more profitable they are. It’s no surprise then that two-thirds (64 percent) of supply chain executives consider big data analytics a disruptive and valuable approach.

Yet, although supply chain companies may recognize the immense advantages of innovative technologies, many struggle in a key area -- providing a quality mobile experience.

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Ingenuity works best when it offers a solution for two parties with disparate interests. In the case of new supply chain finance transactions, the number of sides feeling the positive effects actually jumps to three.

The key features of this type of financing are compelling enough to give these types of transactions a lot of staying power. Here are three:

education 1651251 640A digital transformation is taking hold around the world, and new business models are transforming entire industries. Uber and Didicar, for instance, are disrupting the taxi business with a totally new way of hailing rides - and now driverless cars. And Airbnb is upending the accommodation industry by offering millions of beds globally.

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