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Ingenuity works best when it offers a solution for two parties with disparate interests. In the case of new supply chain finance transactions, the number of sides feeling the positive effects actually jumps to three.

The key features of this type of financing are compelling enough to give these types of transactions a lot of staying power. Here are three:

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Supply chains are highly dependent upon efficiency, and leading technologies have the power to improve and streamline operations. It’s a simple scenario -- the faster and more efficiently supply chains run, the more profitable they are. It’s no surprise then that two-thirds (64 percent) of supply chain executives consider big data analytics a disruptive and valuable approach.

Yet, although supply chain companies may recognize the immense advantages of innovative technologies, many struggle in a key area -- providing a quality mobile experience.

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In the supply chain, a lot of attention is focused on results, such as manufacturing quotas or delivery deadlines. Barcode scanning is a standard means of tracking supply chain assets and performance, and measuring results.

But as a supply chain executive or manager, are you considering the impact of barcode scanning on your employees? Your employees may be meeting or even exceeding their goals, but they might be suffering along the way. Be honest: when’s the last time that you gave some serious thought to the ergonomic barcode scanning issues that are affecting your employees?

education 1651251 640A digital transformation is taking hold around the world, and new business models are transforming entire industries. Uber and Didicar, for instance, are disrupting the taxi business with a totally new way of hailing rides - and now driverless cars. And Airbnb is upending the accommodation industry by offering millions of beds globally.

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Networking Facilities, People, and Assets for Supply Chain Success

Companies such as Uber and Airbnb are impacting your business, whether you realize it or not.

In addition to spurring today’s sharing economy, these two leading companies have figured out ways to navigate this complex environment.

With Uber and Airbnb having turned traditional business processes completely upside down, companies in every industry and line of business are left grappling with how to cope.

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